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Princev's bench of strangenesses " Near the samovar "
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Date:2005-01-07 04:08
Subject:Christmas Saint-Petersburg 2005

С Рождеством!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

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Date:2004-12-22 13:55
Mood:upset, full upset

She appeared the terrible egoist :((

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Date:2004-12-22 01:55

I dreaming, by the way, to live at the Fifth corner, in a fire tower.
And that the lantern never turning off, and all the night long without a break knocked a metronome on a telescope, counting stars...

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Date:2004-12-20 03:38

Well, friends, do not give in to a panic;
If the summer was as the autumn and autumn like the spring, it all does not mean that the winter will be like summer =))

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Date:2004-11-02 18:45

Winter warm evening, falls sleet... Good fortune.
You approach to a window and notice some movement in the sky. It something alive, and it goes.
The first idea - the seagull have returned!
But is not present... Having looked narrowly, you understand, that it is grey rabbits, flights of grey RABBITS jumping on roofs of Saint-Petersburg!!
And suddenly.. oi!that - this.. One of these lovely creations has jumped on your snow-covered window sill.

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Date:2004-10-24 21:17
Subject:Nemiroff go home!

Has returned from a summer residence hungry, with bitten phone, trousers in the made active coal of the unforgettable nephew.
- In taxi has hammered an oil geyser .

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Date:2004-10-14 02:13

In such cold, but incredibly solar October days, the all the best are recollected, that occured in this life.
But why we have such selective and short memory?
Under influence of one-minutes impressions we overlook.. and BETRAY our childhood, adolescence, a youth...

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Date:2004-10-08 06:02
Subject:Guess, who?

Prince and his Princess
Princess and her Prince

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Date:2004-10-07 00:44
Subject:I so Love you *yrs Native City

On journalism, the teacher long and with love told, how she took R.Nuriev's agonal interview, paid for his coffee (usually, the milliarder dancer had no pocket money in his trousers), kissed in check, and for it He presneted to her anexclusive turquoise bracelet. Before death has cried out - "Wanna boy" (in original "Hachu Malchik", and was those.
Then the stylistics, are better than a subject simply cannot be...
At Five Corners (the place in St.Petersburg) a cheek to a cheek (not a metaphor) has collided with most popular artist of USSR and Russian Federation, Oleg Valirianovich Basilashvili. Have each other smiled. Old, uncle, old, though and without marasm. In "Costumier" he has liked me very much.
At home. Temperature. And as it for last three years I have learned to transfer her easy. What is it? Strength of Spirit or easing of feelings *?
Has gone to buy phone c55 (at last!), I shall put on gprs to a computer and mobile icq.
Thanks all my friends for encouragement, I very much very much Love all of you, thanks you that you are!
=)) To ljusers the last too concerns.

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Date:2004-09-24 18:07
Subject:..Great Affairs

Everything, has left to Toksovo.
WeekEnd will be with a stress on legs;)

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Date:2004-09-23 00:22
Subject:The captain of II rank
Mood: thoughtful

Coming back in the evening from the nephew, was  in a unusual attraction, called - "! Bitterns of beer with the captain of II rank of antisubmarine cruiser! "
So, who looked russian film of Rogoshkin " Features of national fishing " should understand me:)
And the beginning was necessary here is how: hurrying up home on the next series of serial "Penal battalion":), Stas hastened to taxi, I shall notice - was late. On Komendansky prospectus,near the Blue supermarket his called the person, with the unusual request to consult him for arrival on item of a disposition :0 underground st." Old Village ". Being the cultural person, or trying those to be, the young man with pleasure has offered the services of the guide - translator, the comrade was not so healthy:)
On a way the conversation from which Stanislav has understood, that it was fastened, 3 rates want to enlist the student in not clear pro-governmental organization. With the help of diplomatic dodges, it was possible to find out, that it not FSB, and not especially, CIA, and only department under control CityEnergo (over Night Watch, yo-mojo).
Properly having exposed conversation, we have continued conversation in one of cafe. For wide soul of the person was necessary have co-drun...co-hear. In my person, those was found. To tell the truth, why the co-hear, more likely the active participant of developed events. For "events" was much, money flied on a premise of cafe, occasionally sticking to dirty hands and an orange ceiling. In process of forces tried to keep order..... But I not about it, a monetary wind was only a background for heart-to-heart talk.
Generosity directed on me, I have redirected on the homeless children, walking beside, getting rid of them products, etc. the blessings of cafeteria.

... Satisfied and it is unreasonable happy we lost-off, the captain has gone to family and children to transfer the rest of easy money (I hope, it did not begin to paste over them a wall of an electric train:), me for memory has remained the visit-card and the word of honour of the officer to arrange on more-money post of his department.
Хех. Yes there will be Light, yes there will be a new Day.
:) in end it would be desirable to tell Amen, not looking that afraiding for comments of the some people:) users.
Well all right, that there is all to the best, that day - has gone not for free))))

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Date:2004-09-22 07:47

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Date:2004-09-21 08:17
Subject:10th seria of BOE's SHOP

10 Slave of Dafny

Brains should be held in a cold. Hands - on something reliable, and legs - in gym shoes to escape... Well or to come running.. Depending on that, in what, suddenly, foolishly will want put on.. In an anniversary tenth series the absurdity leads to to metamorphosises..:) rather the reverse.. As it is accepted..


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Date:2004-09-20 01:05
Subject:Some astronomical calculations for personal using

HR 1879 HD 36861
Flamsteed Number:  39
Bayer Letter: Lambda
Constellation: Orion
Visual Magnitude:  3.54
Color Index: -0.18
Spectral Class:  O8III((f))       
Annual Proper Motion:  0.000 -0.006
Meissa; Heka

J2000 RA:  5h35m08.30s  DE:+09°56'03.0"
Date  RA:  5h35m23.91s  DE:+09°56'13.2"

Sankt-Peterburg 2004-9-20  0h54m  ( TU +  4h00m )
Sideral Time    : 22h52m
Hour Angle      : 17h16m
Azimuth          :+75°37'
Altitude        :+03°25'

Rise        :      0h21m Azimuth:+68°48'
Culmination :      7h37m
Set        :      14h52m Azimuth:+291°12'

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Date:2004-09-13 07:26
Subject:Gifts of an autumn wood...

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Date:2004-09-01 22:09
Subject:1st of September

Wanted to write - what remarkable we had ruler, and the ambassador, a sortie on island, but... The feather does not write...
As soon as I shall think, that where that is far, at the Black sea, 1stclass schoolers, with, such relatives, pleasures and hopes, are in hostages, in hands of "bad people".
Full upset.

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Date:2004-08-25 05:18
Subject:Happy returning

Yeah.... Winny Pooh and day of cares:)
I shall start with this... Artem has broken off me. This idler has elementary overslept. It turns out, that trip has been organized only for not sleeping brotherhood, that is for me, as his honourable representative.
While I walking circles also showed the sights railway station Devyatkino - have imperceptibly passed morning:)
So, after all loads and discrepancies, at 8-30 I already walked by road to the sand career direction  (on a way having collided with dogs, rather suspicious exterior and not clearer intentions).
... In a wood of me has sufficed not on long for after capture of the first "white" I so tired, that has lain to have a rest between two pine. Dreams dreamed rather crude...

After the tenth "russala" I have had a sleep a little bit, then still a little bit, and then still... And still.... And so proceeded until then while mushrooms in a wood at all did not remain and has not gone autumn freshening rain.
... Here I have thrown off from myself the stayed sleepiness, and with fresher complexion have gone to city.
Conclusions: contrary to the widespread belief to sleep in a wood there was very comfortably, and it besides, that at me there was no tourist equipment. I am not taken to assert, that my experience is from lines extreme time of forwarding... We shall wait for winters.

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Date:2004-08-24 05:10

After sleepless night a meal with Artem to hunt on mushrooms in Toksovo.
Electric train 6-45 from Devyatkino. From Toksovo up to career by taxi. Further on foot in area Tea- lake and Heppijarvi.
:) the most important, on one of pieces of a route to not fall asleep.
There is nothing, we shall meditate. Fear that what. Such with met wasn't yet.
Full details ahead!

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